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House, Villa or Apartment? Discover what works best

Posted by Amber on August 11, 2015
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Finding the right home is going to be one of the first few things to consider, while relocating to Bangalore.

Before you set out looking at the wide range of housing options available, each with it’s pros and cons, a good idea would be to understand the different kinds of homes Bangalore offers from independent houses, villas and row houses to apartments, penthouses, villaments, and builder floor apartments.

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Independent Houses

bangalore independent houses example

A house or an independent house refers to one of the stand-alone houses in residential areas, constructed as per individual taste and preference. This is usually in a friendly neighbourhood with access to community parks, children play areas and gymnasiums. Living in an independent house in the city gives you a chance to soak in the “india experience” to its fullest.

On the downside, it may take longer to find English speaking house-help and other staff. The responsibility for maintaining common roads and parks lies with the local government civic body, so the level of cleanliness can vary from one locality to another. It is advisable to take a good look around the neighbourhood to gauge the level of cleanliness, connectivity, safety and ease of access before finalising an independent house.

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Villas and Row Houses

Bangalore Villa Row House Examples

A villa, on the other hand, refers to one of the several single-family homes in a gated community. A row house is similar, the major difference being, while villas have their own private boundaries, row houses are connected by common side-walls. Most gated communities offer 24/7 security, power backup, clean and well maintained common areas, landscaped greens, and, a clubhouse. Domestic help, cooks, gardeners and maintenance staff are easily available. Most communities also have an internal online forum where residents connect and actively help one another.

If your place of work is in or around the heart of Bangalore, you may have to compromise on the commute distance. Since gated villa communities require more land, they are found slightly farther away from the centre of town, resulting in commute time increasing to anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

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Apartments and Penthouses

Bangalore Apartment Penthouse Example

An apartment, as part of a multi-story building or a cluster of several buildings, is usually in a gated community or apartment complex. Bangalore has some world class apartment communities; if you do not mind travelling slightly more, you get to enjoy a great clubhouse, green landscapes, and, the peaceful life of a clean and safe environment.

Penthouses are the top most apartments in a building, most of which boast of a private terrace and, relatively more space. The plus point is Bangalore’s pleasant weather ensures that your private terrace is put to good use all year round.

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Villaments and Builder Floor Apartments

Bangalore Villament Builder Floor Apartment Example

There are also the villaments, a fusion of apartments and villas. Here, typically each building in the gated community comprises of four to eight units only, giving the luxury of staying in a villa at the price of an apartment. Being a relatively new concept, villament communities in Bangalore are limited.

A builder floor apartment refers to one that is part of a stand-alone apartment building with three to four floors, and not in a gated community. The building may have a gym, parking space and reserved parking. If location is a priority, a posh builder floor apartment in the city is easy to find. 

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We hope some of this information has been helpful to you.

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