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Referral Program for Expatriates

Welcome to our Referral Program! Below is a brief about the Aim, Benefits and Working of the referral program


  • To generate part time working opportunity for home makers who travel to India with their family, but cannot take up a full time Job
  • To provide a free but extremely professional house hunting experience to your friend/colleague
  • To service more trust worthy clients who come through a personal channel


  • Generate an income source for someone who has 1-2 hours to spare in a day and is looking to work part time
  • Your friend, who is house hunting, gets to avail a highly professional service free of charge
  • Home Raaga gets to service more clients and grow stronger as a company


  • Refer a friend by introducing him/her to us over a mail or in person
  • We help your friend in his/her search and fulfill his/her housing requirements
  • We share 10% of our revenue* from that transaction with you as a referral fee

*  We do not charge individuals any fee. We charge the owner or the individuals company at all times. We offer brokerage free service to all individuals, which means your friend doesn’t have to pay a single penny. We are transparent with the transaction value and take pride in being fair to everyone around us.

If you would like to enroll in the program, kindly share your details below and we will get back to you at the earliest

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